Magazine 3 for Windows 10


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Magazine 3 is a computer program designed for warehouse management in small and medium-sized retail and service companies. Promotes the sale of goods and services, control of stock and payments. Additionally equipped with modules: Cash and Transfers. Some possibilities: MAGAZINE * Supports unlimited number of warehouses, * MM issued documents, * Supports intra-Community supplies and triangular transactions, * Can signal exceeding the critical conditions in the warehouse * Supports goods by different rules: standard and FIFO * Compile an inventory, * The opportunity to start working with the program at any time (setting the document numbering, the initial state), * You can change the VAT rates DOCUMENTS AND PRINTS * Issue a sales document for goods and services such as invoice, invoice registers, receipts, invoices, RR, pro forma invoice, receipts, excluding VAT, export invoices and invoice margin * Invoices from delivery notes and receipts, * Corrective actions correction notes, RW and PW, * PZ purchasing documents issued and corrective * Support orders to suppliers and customers, and on this basis generates f-ry or PZ, exposes the destruction certificates, inventory, opening balance, pricing and sales offer controls the payment of contractors and its own list of debtors, * Issue a request for payment and interest notes, SALE * Supports the sale of goods and services (with the possibility of an extensive glossary defining the description of the item) * Uses five sales tariffs for net and gross possibly with a margin for them, * Rebates for the item or the entire document, * Smart Search goods and contractors, * Control of the sale of the available units in stock, and the minimum selling prices, * Can control the debt limit counterparty during the sale, REPORTS * Generates reports about the goods turnover, payments, contractors, * Controls the payment of contractors and its own list of debtors, * Settlement balances, the maximum credit to the contractor, * Control and low level, * Grouping of goods, * Preview prints on the screen CASH * Exposes and prints KP, KW and cash reports for any period, * Allows you to view the status of each box separately or all together, * Allows you to specify different types of permissions and passwords for any number of operators, takes stock of money, * Chronologically sorts the records in hand, TRANSFERS * Issued the following documents: Proof of Bank Deposits, credit transfer, postal order, account transfers to social security, transfers to the account of U.S. (print full and inserted in the printed Michalczyk and Prokop sc) * Inspect the condition of the bank accounts of the company, * Carried forward to contractors, Cooperation with external devices, * Works with fiscal printers: POSNET DF-300, DF-301, THERMAL, EMAR - DUO * Barcode readers, CONFIGURATION * Includes extensive configuration options that allow the user to customize the program to your specific requirements, * Tax rate is configurable, * Includes entry system (operators of individual rights) protection against unauthorized access, OTHER * Performs a variety of reports, including storage, finance, securities, * Control of conformity issued documents with inventory, * Imports data from the invoicing of a series of Businessman * Work with program: Book of revenues and expenditures, transfers, and Cash.